Monday, September 6, 2010

Vegan Barbecue

Even though Autumn doesn't start until September 23, Labor Day is the unofficial end to summer and many people celebrate the day with barbecues. My friends and I had a potluck vegan barbecue on Saturday, which was lots of fun. Most people think of meat when they think of barbecues, but there are so many delicious vegan options to grill - even omnivores won't miss the meat.

I can't remember the last time I had corn on the cob. In the past it has upset my tummy, but it's really good and I thought it would be fun to grill. It was on sale at Whole Foods - five ears for $2.00, so I bought ten! I pulled the husks apart, removed the silk, soaked the ears in water, spread some Earth Balance on them, then wrapped the husks back around them. I tried to tie everything back up with pieces of the husks, but they all fell apart. They did fine on the grill anyway. They were really delicious and I ended up eating 2 ears. 

Master griller Brett did all of the cooking. We had tofu pups, veggie burgers and marinated portobello mushrooms. I also brought the mushrooms. I marinated them in olive oil, red wine vinegar, Braggs Liquid Aminos and minced garlic. Grilled portobellos are always extremely tasty and these lived up to their reputation.

We also had kale slaw, cole slaw, Venkat's corn bread and Jenna's baked beans. Everything was super delicious! We had watermelon, cookies and Jenna's famous brownies for dessert.

Making a guest appearance at our barbecue was super sweet Cuddles, who had to wear a softy cone to keep himself from chewing on his own tail. (Cuddles is allergic to gluten and accidentally ate some, which was causing the chewing.) Even Cuddles is vegan! He used to have chronic ear infections, and instead of having expensive ear surgery that would have left him deaf, he was switched to a vegan diet. He's now completely ear infection free, and despite the cone, he's healthier than ever!

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