Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Breakfast Sandwich

Okay, as a holistic health counselor I'm going to tell you that this isn't really the ideal meal to start your day out with. It's full of processed foods and gluten. But as a person who occasionally craves something a little greasy and needs a little bit of comfort food from time to time, I will tell you that this is a really delicious breakfast. I've made it for house guests - vegans and omnivores alike love it.

Here's how to make it: Drain a package of tofu. I usually wrap it in a kitchen towel the night before and leave it in the fridge, and it's ready to use in the morning. Thinly slice the tofu and then marinade in a little bit of olive oil, Braggs Liquid Aminos and apple cider vinegar for a few minutes. Then fry until crispy on both sides. While that's cooking, heat up a few slices of vegan "bacon". I use Lightlife Smart Bacon. For the cheese, you can either melt a little cheese on the tofu while it's cooking, or you can toast your bagel and melt the cheese over it in the toaster oven. I spread a little bit of Earth Balance on both halves of the bagel, then add two slices of "bacon" and two slabs of tofu to each bagel. And then, eat and enjoy!

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  1. Sounds awesome, must definitely try this one morning.

  2. Oh, man this looks really good, and is still obviously better for you than the meaty version from fast food places.