Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Back to Sprig and Vine

Last week I went back to Sprig and Vine in New Hope PA. Dennis and I had dinner with our friends Deana, Jessica and Greg. The food there is so amazing - I just wish it wasn't an hour away! Dennis and I drove down early and walked around Lambertville and New Hope a little. It's a cute area, so it's totally worth the drive.

We ordered appetizers, but we dug in as soon as the plates hit the table and forgot to take pictures of them.

 Dennis and Jessica both ordered the tempeh

Deana ordered the polenta 

Greg had the tofu 

I had the African ground nut stew 

For dessert, Jessica and Greg split a piece of chocolate mousse pie 

Deana and I split a peanut butter and jelly French toast. Dennis had his own plate of it too.

I'm hoping to back down to New Hope again soon for lunch! And I also think I'll be planning a Montclair Vegans trip there in the spring.

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  1. The Sunday Brunch menu is also divine - YUM!