Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Very Vegan Christmas

This year for Christmas, we had our friends Jen, Rachel and Brett over for a mini potluck. I love having potluck style holidays because it takes the pressure off of one person having to make lots of food, and we get to try things we might not normally make for our selves. It was a wonderful day, full of good food, amazing friends, great conversation and delicious food!

 Dennis and I started out the day with a super yummy zucchini mushroom frittata.

Before our guests arrived, I popped a fire onto the tellie...

and set the table.

For pre-dinner snacking, I made spinach artichoke dip. I found this recipe simply by Googling "vegan spinach artichoke dip". I was quite pleased with the results - this dip is delicious! 

We also had some gluten-free pretzel sticks and a veggie mix. Isn't the dish cute? My friend Vanessa gave it to me for Christmas. 

Field Roast en cruet, cranberry sauce and Tofurky gravy 

Maple roasted brussels sprouts with slivered almonds 

 Roasted green beans and carrots

 Purple and white potatoes

 Asparagus with hollandaise sauce

My very full plate! 

 I made a key lime cheesecake for dessert. Key lime is one of Dennis's favorite things, so this was mainly made as a birthday cake for him. The strawberry sauce got messy, but it was delicious! The cake plate was a Christmas gift from my friend Liz.

My dessert plate! We also had Clementines with chocolate sauce and lemon cookies, courtesy of Veggie Heaven.

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  1. That is one heck of a feast! I want some of that artichoke dip and key lime cheesecake. We enjoyed some purple potatoes as well :) I hope you have plenty of leftovers because there's no going out in this storm.

  2. We do have lots of leftovers! We have a full fridge, some new dvds and a stack of unread books, so we're ready to be snowed in!