Sunday, December 27, 2009


I'm a bit of a cookbook junkie. When I first went vegetarian many years ago, there weren't too many good veggie cookbooks on the market. Now they're released with such frequency that I can't keep up. I tend to buy them, flip through them, put them on my bookshelf, ignore them and then claim that I have too many too chose from. I've made a New Year's resolution to no longer neglect my books and I've already started paying more attention to them. For the past week, I've been taking them off the shelves, flipping through them and marking any good looking recipes that are free of all of the foods I need to avoid. Yesterday I was quite surprised to find that most of the baked goodies in Dreena Burton's Eat Drink and Be Vegan are wheat free! I immediately ran to the kitchen and whipped up a batch of You Got Your Peanut Butter in My Chocolate Cookies. These cookies are made with spelt flour and unrefined sugar and peanut butter is swirled in after all of the rest of the ingredients are mixed in. They are a bit reminiscent of a chocolate peanut butter cup and are very tasty!

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