Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Feeling Crafty

In addition to cooking and baking a lot, I like to make things. My friends like to call me The Vegan Martha Stewart, but I like to call Martha Stewart the omnivorous Veggiegirl. I tend to totally immerse myself in a new craft, buy lots of supplies, and then get completely bored of it and throw everything in my office closet. In November I cleaned out that closet (it took half a day!) and found remnants of past crafts. Among other things, there were pounds of paper, tons of tiles, yards of ribbon, skeins of yarn, and loads of unfinished wooden pieces to craft onto. 

I'm not a big fan of Christmas shopping at the mall, and I don't really like buying people useless presents that they'll cram into the back of a closet and forget about. But I do like thoughtful, homemade gifts. So I spread all of my supplies out, assessed the situation, and decided it was time to start making Christmas gifts. I went through everything and decided what to make and whom to give it to. I mainly made mosaics, but I also threw a few paper-crafted items in to the mix for a little variety. I was able to make most of the presents I gave this year, and I didn't spend much money! Now that everyone has received their gifts, I can show you what I made.

A few years ago I made mosaic trays for our parents. This year I decided to make them matching mirrors. This is the mirror I made for Dennis's mom and step-dad.

Here's the mirror I made for my dad and step-mother.

I made this mirror for my Aunt Cathy.

I made this frame for my friend Elizabeth. A few years ago I made her a little trinket box, and this matches it. 

 I made this frame as a "just in case" present, and decided to keep it for myself!

 A tray I made for my friend Jessica.

 Another tray I made for my friend Irina. This is the first time I made a mosaic with little marbly-pebbly things, and I think it worked well. I want to make one of these for myself now!

Trinket box for my friend Jill. 

I made two of these paper-crafted frames with photos of us in our Halloween costumes and gave them to my dad and Dennis's mom.

I made this paper-crafted frame for Dennis. Apparently I started to work on it years ago and threw it into the closet. Finishing it wasn't difficult and didn't take much time. This is a picture of us eating at Veggie Heaven, so I used part of their menu and added replica Chinese coins.

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