Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Very Foodie Christmas

My friends and family all know that I love to spend time in the kitchen, so I received a lot of really nice foodie-type gifts for Christmas. Here they are:

These are the gifts I received from my coworkers. Vanessa gave me Vegan Celebrations and a nice snack dish. Liz gave me a cute tea towel and a cake plate. Kelly gave me the newest David Sedaris book, which has nothing to do with food, but it's something I really wanted!

I'm not sure who had me in the Secret Santa gift exchange at work, but whoever it was, he or she knows that I like to cook! I got a nice oil and vinegar set.

Dennis got me a much-desired TofuXpress! I've wanted one of these for a while. I can see why so many people love them! It presses the water out of tofu in record time. I've used it for tofu several times already, and I've also used it to squeeze water out of thawed frozen spinach.

Dennis also bought me a nice shiny new food processor!! This will see lots of use in the very near future! Our previous food processor was very, very old and leaked when the contents where really wet. 

 Dennis also gave me Quick Fix Vegetarian and Party Vegan, both by Robin Robertson. As you can see, I immediately started marking the pages of things I want to make.

My friend Jessica gave me Clean Start by Terry Walters. I'm excited about cooking from this because I loved her first book Clean Food.

My friend Irina gave me this super cool clock! I love it! Of course, it has absolutely nothing to do with food, but I hung it in my kitchen, so I'm including it the "foodie" gift category.

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  1. I am SO beyond jealous of that tofu press, lol.

    Also, I have seen the David Sedaris books mentioned in two different places now, and would love to know more about them. Send me some info when you get the chance!

  2. You made out this Christmas! I didn't even know they made a tofu press. Very specialized. No wonder you've been doing so much cooking :). And I'm glad you like the clock. The kitchen is a great spot. Now you can see exactly how long you spend in there.