Monday, January 17, 2011

Three Sisters and Curly's Vegetarian Lunch

Dennis is difficult to shop for, so I usually buy theater tickets for his birthday. This year, I bought tickets for Three Sisters at the Classic Stage Company. It's a really great theater because it's small and there is no stage - the play takes place in the center of the floor and the audience sits in seats along the walls. We had front row seats, so we felt like we right in the action. And Peter Sarsgaard whacked me in the knees with his coat! 

After the play, we went to Curly's Vegetarian Lunch, which is two blocks away from the theater. Years ago we used to frequent Veg City Diner on 14th Street and 6th Avenue, but sadly it's now gone. Curly's is owned by the same people and has similar diner food items on their menu, but it's much, much smaller that Veg City Diner. I counted the tables, and I seems like the restaurant seats 20! We've only eaten there once before - about 5 years ago when it first opened. I'm not sure if the food has changed, or if my taste buds have, but I will admit that it wasn't as good as I remember. I'm not saying it's bad, but I couldn't help but compare it to Red Bamboo, which has similar food that's much tastier. I would eat there again though!

 We started with buffalo wings.

I wanted to faux tuna melt, but they were out of the faux tuna, so the waitress recommended this sandwich. I'm not even sure what it was called! It had baked tofu, avocado, lettuce, tomatoes and Daiya cheese. And I had curly fries on the side! 

 Dennis had a Philly cheesesteak and curly fries.

Curly's has Vegan Treats cakes, and I just couldn't pass up a slice of Peanut Butter Bomb cake. I could only eat half and had to get the rest wrapped up to go. 

Dennis had a slice of coconut lime cake. 

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  1. Holy guacamole! I really want to go. The only thing that disappoints me here is that I thought the curly fries would be spiced somehow, like they are in most mainstream places. These just look like regular fries in a curly shape :-/.

    So funny that Dennis ended up having exactly what I said I wanted when I looked at the menu!

  2. Why do I feel like we've seen Peter Sarsgaard live before?

    It's a shame this one's just eh, because you need all the vegan options you can get in the city. Peanut butter bombe looks good, though.

  3. Irina, we saw Peter Sarsgaard in the Seagull!