Wednesday, July 28, 2010

National Salad Week

I know it's Wednesday, but I just found out that it's National Salad Week. (Just a week?)

Dennis has been taking voiceover classes in NYC on Tuesday evenings, and I don't really like cooking for just one, so I made myself a really big salad last night. With the exception of the olives and chickpeas, all the ingredients in this salad were bought at the farmers' market. And also with the exception of the chickpeas and olives, this meal is all raw, so it's cooling and perfect for summer. Since it's loaded with color, I know it's packed with nutrition. I also had a piece of raw bread with cashew cheddar with it.

But the real reason I'm posting yet another photo of a salad, is because I wanted to show off this gorgeous tomato. Isn't it beautiful? I'm so in love with heirloom tomatoes that I really can't eat "regular" tomatoes any more. It's tomato season here in NJ. There are so many different varieties of tomatoes, out there - give something new a try!

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