Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tofu Scramble

As I've mentioned before, I've been adding small amounts of things like soy and corn back into my diet. I've occasionally had a little bit of wheat here and there too, although I think wheat and gluten are going to be permanently off my menu. I have been feeling a little sluggish over the past two weeks, and I suspect that my diet has something to do with it. I've eaten out quite a bit lately, and I haven't had very much raw food. Plus it's been hot. Really really hot. And I don't function well in hot weather. This week is going to be spent getting back on track and making more light and raw meals. And spending a little more time inside in the air conditioning. 

In the meantime I'm sharing one of my favorite weekend breakfast meals with you. It's scrambled tofu and although it doesn't fit in the "light and raw meal" category, it's really delicious and packed with protein. I don't have a particular recipe – I just tend to throw stuff together, and it always comes out tasting great. I block a package of tofu by wrapping it in a kitchen towel and putting it in the fridge the night before. If you forget to that, you can also block tofu by pressing it between two heavy plates for a few minutes and let the water drain off it. I then break the block up into little pieces and add it to a pan with olive oil, apple cider vinegar and Bragg's Liquid Aminos. I also add a little tumeric and some nutritional yeast. I mix it so that the tofu is throughly coated and cook it for a bit until the tofu starts to brown a little. I then add chopped peppers, onions and mushrooms, and anything else I have in the fridge that I think might taste good in the mix. After everything is thoroughly cooked, I add some greens (in this case it was kale) to the pan and cook for a minute or two longer. The scramble is really good with a little soy sausage and vegan cheese too.

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