Monday, October 25, 2010

A Day in Red Bank

Over the weekend, Dennis and I decided to take a mini-trip to Red Bank. It's become quite vegan friendly lately, and we wanted to sample some of the local treats. 

We started with lunch at Good Karma Cafe. We ate there with our friends Jessica and Greg a few months ago and wanted to try more of their dishes.

We started out with raw nachos.

I had the Love Bowl with tempeh and spicy peanut sauce.

Look at how good that peanut sauce looks! The love bowl is available with either tofu or tempeh and with your choice of either Thai coconut, spicy peanut or sweet mustard sauce.

Dennis had the veggie burger with tempeh bacon and cheesy sauce.

After lunch we went over to NovelTeas, which is a really cute tea shop. Papa Ganache, a local vegan bakery, just opened a stand inside NovelTeas, and Jessica happened to be working there when we went in!

Look at all of those yummy vegan treats! There were quite a few gluten-free options.

I had a mini pumpkin cupcake.

Dennis had a cheesecake cookie.

We split a pot of Paris tea. It was really, really good! I wish we had bought some to take home with us.

Even their tea cups are cute!

They have special "man cups" for guys so they don't have to drink out of frilly flowery tea cups.

For dinner, we went to Pizza Fusion. They have vegan and gluten-free options. Our waitress was vegan, so we knew we didn't have to worry about the order getting messed up.

The gluten-free crust was a little chewy, but I didn't mind it because the pizza was really good. However, it was $6 extra for the gluten-free crust, and $2 for each additional topping. We added spinach and olives, and as you can see from the photo, that's definitely not $2 worth of spinach. I don't think the pizza was really worth the extra $10.

We brought some goodies home with us too. A giant chocolate chip cookie, a mini pumpkin cupcake and two cheesecake cookies from Papa Ganache.

Gluten-free cookies, pumpkin cheesecake, a tiramisu cup, raw crackers and raw Dr. Cow's cheese from Good Karma Cafe. None of these goodies lasted very long in our house!

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