Monday, August 16, 2010

Cajun Cauliflower Hash

The September issue of Vegetarian Times has a lot of really good looking recipes, including an entire section devoted to cauliflower. My recent insect incident has led to a fear of cauliflower, but I decided to face my fears and make Cajun Cauliflower Hash. Instead of buying a head of cauliflower, I bought pre-cut organic cauliflower at Whole Foods. The precut packages cost a little more, but being able to see what's inside is worth the extra money to me. 

This is a simple recipe using spices, onion, garlic, cauliflower, frozen hash browns and chopped pepper. I deviated from the recipe a little and used red pepper instead of green and I added some chopped kale, because kale makes everything a little better. I also cooked the dish a little longer than the recipe called for because the potatoes seemed to need more time. 

This was a really good meal, and the cauliflower did taste pretty tasty. I guess I am over my fear of cauliflower now. I'll be buying more and making a few more of the recipes from Vegetarian Times soon.

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