Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fall Detox

Are you feeling sluggish most of the time? 
Do you have problems digesting food? 
Is your skin a mess?

All of these are symptoms of the toxins we put into our bodies every day, from the food we eat, to the skin products we use, to the air we breathe.

Join my Fall Detox Program today!

Detoxification, if done correctly, can bring you:
· An Increase in Energy
· An Increase in Concentration and Clarity
· A Decrease in Digestive Problems
· Clearer Skin
· An Improvement in Vision
· A Reduction of Aches and Pains
· A Reduction or Elimination of Food Cravings
· An Improvement in Sleep Patterns
· A Jump-Start to Weight Loss
· And Can Help Bring About an Improvement in Overall Health & Wellness

You can choose the cleanse program that is right for you:1-7 Day Cleanse. This cleanse is great for first-timers or those needed a quick tune-up. You choose the number of days that match your goals. Even one day helps to detoxify the body. $39.99

1-Week Cleanse. The moderate cleanse is great to do four times a year, corresponding with the change in seasons. Each day focuses on detoxifying different organs to give a more comprehensive body detox. $49.99

5-Week Cleanse. This thorough cleanse is only for those who can dedicate the time (and will power) to eliminate the toxins built up over years of neglect. Even first-timers can easily follow this plan which slowly takes you off of a toxic diet into the deep cleansing portion, then leads you back into a more balanced diet routine. $199.99

Not Sure? Reserve your seat at the "Cleanse Kick-off" meeting for $20 and have that applied to your program of choice, once you better understand the options. 

Choose whichever program suits your needs and health goals. I will be running the detox programs with my colleague Karen Yagnesak CHHC, AADP. We will provide you with a complete detoxification program, recipes, personal and group support.

If you live in Northern NJ, join us at the kick-off meeting on Saturday, September 18th at 12:00 pm at the Bloomfield Wellness Center in Bloomfield, NJ. 

If you don't live locally, you can join us by teleconference at 2:00 pm EST. Space is very limited, so sign up today!

For more information or to sign up
Email me at dianne@diannewenz.com
or visit Bloomfield Wellness

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