Thursday, August 26, 2010

Polenta with Beans and Zucchini

This is another quick and easy meal that's nice and light, which makes it perfect for a busy summer weeknight. Lately quite a few of my meals have featured peppers, summer squash and zucchini. I've been buying most of my produce at the farmers' market, and peppers, summer squash and zucchini are in season here in NJ. As I've said before, eating locally and supporting area farmers is both good for you and good for your local economy. Your food hasn't traveled hundreds of miles to get to you and you're eating the food nature intended for you to eat.

For this dish, I sliced up a tube of premade polenta and then cut the slices into wedges. I pan fried the pieces in a tiny bit of oil until they were crispy. In another pan I cooked together zucchini, shallots, peppers and cannellini beans. After it was all cooked, I sprinkled a little bit of hot sauce over everything. Delicious!

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