Monday, August 9, 2010

The Last of the Birthday Celebrations

Yes, my birthday was in the middle of June, but who says you can't have a celebration 6 weeks later? Actually, my friend Irina bought me tickets to see Spoon and The Arcade Fire at Madison Square Garden for my birthday, and the concert was last week. Before the show, we had dinner at Blossom and then stopped in at Cocoa V to buy some chocolate for dessert. The Blossoms have become my favorite places to get delicious healthy vegan food in NYC. And Cocoa V has the BEST chocolate around. Sadly, Cocoa V was half the size it used to be. I guess the "eat in" business isn't doing as well as they had hoped. The lunch I had there a few months ago was amazing, so I'm not sure why.

Irina and I split a salad of arugula, avocado, onions, chickpeas and hearts of palm.

Then we both had the night's special, which was a delicious artichoke risotto. Yummy!


The Arcade Fire

Sadly I had to leave the show a little early. The Arcade Fire didn't come on until 10:15, and I had to catch the 11:20 train home. Fortunately, Penn Station is right under Madison Square Garden, and they had the music from the concert playing outside, so I was able to listen to another song while I was walking down to the train. Thanks so much for the tickets, Irina, - it was such a fun night!

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  1. You're welcome! True, true, it was a great night.