Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Scrambled Tofu

I went vegetarian in 1992. Back then there weren't very many packaged vegetarian products on the market. There weren't very many vegetarian cookbooks out there either. I got most of my recipes from the Peta Cookbook Please Don't Eat the Animals and Vegetarian Times. I used to buy Green Giant veggie burgers - which tasted a little bit like the box they came in - because they were the only veggie burgers I could find at the grocery store. As a vegetarian I ate lots of cheese and eggs, so in 2001 when I went vegan I had to learn how to cook all over again, and I began trying new foods and recipes. As more people went vegan, lots of good cookbooks were published, and more and more vegan processed foods hit the market. I tried them all, and my diet went from things like veggies, beans and rice to highly processed mock meats and fake cheese. My meals could have been mistaken for those of an omnivore, if one didn't see the package the foods came in. As I learned more about nutrition, I went back to eating more whole foods and I now reserve processed foods for rare occasions. 

During the week, I usually have smoothies or oatmeal for breakfast, but I weekends I really like to have something warm and comforting, and I usually make scrambled tofu. I love scrambled tofu because I can throw whatever is in the fridge in, and no matter what it is, I know the finished product will taste good. Sometimes I splurge and add vegan sausage or cheese. This time I used red bell pepper, onion, lots of mushrooms, nutritional yeast, soy bacon and Daiya cheese. This was the perfect meal to start out a lazy Sunday with!

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