Friday, November 26, 2010

What a Vegan Thanksgiving Looks Like

As I mentioned yesterday, years ago I dumped the Thanksgiving thing with my omnivorous family and I now have a big vegan potluck with my friends. The day is filled with food and fun and it's something I look forward to every year. I was looking back at old photos, and years ago we had a small dinner of mashed potatoes, tofu turkey (from Veggie Heaven), stuffing, stuffed mushrooms and roasted veggies, with cobbler, pie and cupcakes for desserts. I have no idea how it turned into the huge food fest it is now, but I'm not complaining. We always have leftovers for days afterward, so the tastes of Thanksgiving linger on through the weekend.  What am I thankful for? Amazing friends who are great cooks!

It started innocently enough with hummus and veggies.

 The calm before the storm.

 The menu board is missing quite a few dishes. There just wasn't enough room!

The spread.

 I made roasted potatoes.

 Jessica and Greg brought mac and cheese.

 Rachel and Brett brought a Field Roast.

Keith made stuffing.

 My first time making cranberry sauce.

 Rachel and Brett made sweet potatoes.

 And they also made green beans.

 I made maple glazed roasted brussels sprouts. 

 Vann and Joyce made a lasagna.

 "Turkeys" from Veggie Heaven.

 I made stuffed mushrooms. 

Photos of rescued turkeys are the only birds on this table!

Dessert time!

 Jessica made pumpkin pie

 Keith made fruit cobbler.

 Joyce's black rice pudding.

 Rachel made lemon pumpkin cheesecake.

 I made chocolate pecan dream pie.

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  1. This all so good! What a great bunch of people to enjoy the holiday with.

  2. I love that you have photos of rescued turkeys on the table. That made me smile a lot.

    Your feast looks like it was fabulous! Hooray! :)

  3. oh yum! what recipe was used for the maple roasted brussels??


  4. Hi Kittee! The recipe is from Chef Chloe: I used almonds instead of hazel nuts.

  5. yummy, delicious treat. how was the black rice pudding made? same recipe as the ordinary pudding? i can't believe these are vegan meals! it won't harm my diet at all!

  6. Hi Sam. I didn't make the rice pudding, so I don't know how it was made, but I do think it was a regular rice pudding recipe with black rice instead of white.