Monday, June 14, 2010

Raw Ice Cream Cake

It's my birthday week! To kick it off, I had a few friends over for a vegan potluck party. I made my own birthday cake - a raw ice cream cake! I purchased the a raw ice cream recipe booklet from The cake was made mainly with cashews. It was rich and creamy and tasted fresh, not preserved and full of chemicals, like store bought ice cream cakes do.

The cake was extremely time consuming, but it was well worth it. Everyone loved it and some of my friends even said I should go into business and sell raw cakes! I fear I may have set a new standard to which my potluck offerings must live up to now.

First I made chocolate ice cream. The ingredients are blended together and then churned in an ice cream maker.

The ice cream is poured into a spring form pan. I also made little brownie bites and mixed them in to the ice cream. The layer had to freeze before the next one could be place on top.

Then I made chocolate buckwheat cruchies, which go in between the cake's layers.

Next up is the vanilla layer!

The vanilla layer is poured over the chocolate crunchies.

I also made chocolate syrup, which I swirled on top of the vanilla ice cream.

I used a knife to make pretty swirls with the syrup.

The vanilla swirl layer had to freeze before the top could be decorated.

I made whipped cream to decorate the top with, but I couldn't get it thick enough to stay in any kind of shape. So I blobbed it on and decorated it with cherries.

After a few hours in the freezer I let it thaw for a few minutes and removed it from the spring form pan.

The dessert spread was pretty amazing. Along with my cake, there was raw tiramisu that Agatha made, truffles that Jessica made and a strawberry pie that Alisha made. The pretty flowers are were a gift from my friend Ruthie.

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