Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Raw Sandwich with Coleslaw

Yes, it's another raw sandwich! These are quickly becoming my favorite warm weather meal! The bread is Sunflower Sesame bread from Ani's Raw Kitchen. It's then topped with Sunflower Seed Cheese from RAWvolution and the pesto that was leftover from the stuffed mushrooms I had yesterday. I also added olives, avocado, fresh tomatoes and crispy tomatoes - also left over from yesterday's meal. With the exception of the fresh produce, all of the ingredients used to make this sandwich were leftovers from other meals that I had in my fridge. Preparing raw food can sometimes take a little longer than cooking would, but I like to make things in large batches and store them in my fridge for meals later on. That way prep time over the course of the week evens out!

I served the sandwich with a side of coleslaw. I bought a bag of prepackaged organic coleslaw mix at Whole Foods, and then I made mayonaise from RAWvolution. The mayo is made with cashews, mustard, coconut water, garlic and lemon juice. It was nice and creamy and went well with the coleslaw mix!

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