Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yet another birthday celebration!

My birthday was last week, but for some reason we celebrated it yesterday at work. (Which was kind of strange, because I was there Monday, but that's okay.) We went out for a sushi lunch and had cake back at the office. I wasn't expecting them to have dessert for me, since I keep getting more difficult to bake for. (First there was just vegan, and now it's wheat-free and vegan!) But there was cake! My coworker and friend Vanessa made a really delicious peanut butter cup cake. She used a recipe from Sharon Valencik's Sweet Utopia and swapped the wheat flour out with brown rice flour. Swapping non-gluten flours with wheat flour doesn't always work, because it's the gluten that makes the cake fluffy, but it worked really well in this cake. It was really delicious.

And when I got home from work, I had a birthday card in the mail from my friend Irina. She bought Spoon/Arcade Fire tickets for August as a gift! I can't wait!

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