Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Coming Off the Cleanse

When ending any kind of detox program, it's important to come off of it slowly and reintroduce foods at a gradual pace. I ate pretty much the same way as I did on the detox today. I had a smoothie for breakfast, munched on some peanuts, ate a large salad for lunch and snacked on collard green wraps in the afternoon. I had lots of energy and felt great all day!

I made a basic stir fry for dinner, using whatever veggies were left in the fridge, half a can of chickpeas that were leftover from another meal, and the last of the brown rice from Veggie Heaven. I was craving spicy peanut sauce (it's so good!), but I thought it would be too heavy after coming off the detox, so I added some red pepper flakes and peanuts to the mix.

I cleaned out the fridge making this stir-fry, so I'm off to the grocery store. The weather here has been pretty warm, so I'm going to be adding some more raw foods into my diet in the upcoming days. It'll be too hot in my house with the oven on!

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