Thursday, May 13, 2010

Raw Pizza

I'm not really sure if this does qualify as pizza. It may be considered an open-face sandwich. Either way, it was delicious! This was an attempt to recreate the raw pizza I had at Om Garden in Miami back in March.

I made RAWvolution's Famous Onion Bread in the dehydrator. It took a total of 36 hours to make, and my house smelled amazing! It didn't come out perfect because I didn't grind the flax seeds properly and the onion slices were a little too large. I was expecting it to be like a flax cracker, but it was pretty soft and fell apart easily. It was really tasty though, so it didn't matter.

Then I made sunflower seed cheese and a quick pesto sauce. I spread them both over the onion bread, then added large slices of tomatoes, sliced sun-dried tomatoes, sprouts, olives and avocado. It was difficult to pick up, but it was really yummy. I looking forward to experimenting with more breads and crusts in the dehydrator and trying out other pizza recipes.

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