Friday, May 21, 2010

Raw Sandwich

This is very similar to the pizza/sandwich I made last week. This time, I made raw bread from Ani Phyo's Raw Food Kitchen. I messed up while mixing it and added too many flax seeds, but it came out just fine anyway. The bread held together nicely and held up to the toppings.

I also made a raw cheddar cashew cheese in the food processor. The orange color comes from a red bell pepper, which is what gives this cheese it's "cheddar-ness". Did you know that most of our taste comes from what we see and smell? If this cheese didn't have the pepper, it would be white and would probably be considered ricotta, and therefore taste more like ricotta.

The bread and cheese together make a great snack! For the sandwich, I topped it with pesto, tomatoes, olives and avocados. I also made some collard wraps with the cheese, sprouts, peppers and zucchini. This was the perfect lunch!

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