Thursday, March 25, 2010

Vegan Adventures in Miami - Escopazzo

On Saturday evening, Jessica and I had dinner with our friends Stephanie and Toluwalase at Escopazzo, which is right across the street from Juice and Java.

Escopazzo is an upscale Italian restaurant that has four raw vegan items on the menu. We didn't plan it, but we each ordered a different raw item. After he saw what we ordered, the manager came over to talk to us about eating raw. He said that one of the chefs ate at a raw restaurant in California and loved it so much that she decided to incorporate some of the items in to their menu. He said it's worked out well for them since there are so few restaurants in the area that have vegan items. It also worked out well for us, since the food was delicious and we didn't have to look too hard for a vegan friendly restaurant. The restaurant is really cute and the staff was extremely nice.

Stephanie had zucchini linguini.

Toluwalase had a tomato tart with nut cheese.

Jessica had eggplant and vegetable wraps.

I had vegetable lasagna, which was absolutely delicious!

There was one raw vegan item on the menu for dessert, which was berry parfait with cashew cream. Jessica and I both ordered it, and it was a really tasty treat.

I'm supposed to avoid raw foods on my elimination diet, because they are too harsh on the digestive system, but I felt GREAT after eating this meal, and it didn't bother my tummy at all.

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