Monday, March 1, 2010

Clean Out the Fridge Stir-Fry

I usually plan my meals in advance and then shop for the ingredients, rather than wander the grocery store and pick up things that look good. Sometimes I end up with some things leftover in the fridge, so I like to make Clean Out the Fridge stir-fries and pastas, and sometimes even pizzas, depending on what I have. This time, I had some shiitake mushrooms, sugar snap peas, a little bit of cauliflower, half an onion and a zucchini, so I thought they'd do well in a stir-fry. I added some chickpeas and a handful of cashews, and stir-fried everything in a little peanut oil, umeboshi vinegar, wheat-free tamari and a spicy cooking wine. I also added some hot peppers for a little flavor. I cooked up some black rice to serve the veggies over. This is a great way to use up the leftover veggies hanging out in the fridge!

On another note, I went for another blood test this morning. It's a follow up to see how my system is doing on my elimination diet. I have an appointment with the doctor on the 12th to get the results.

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