Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dinner Party

My friend Karen and her husband David had Dennis and I over for dinner last night. Karen and David aren't vegan but she was able to make a delicious food-sensitivity free meal! She made mushroom risotto with a recipe from The Vegan Table along with a black eyed pea dish. Karen proved that it's possible to have a vegan with food allergies over for dinner!

I said I'd bring the dessert, so I made apple crisp recipe from Clean Food. I picked up some hemp milk ice-cream to along with it. I'd seen hemp milk ice cream in the store many times, but hadn't tried it until now. It was delicious! I think it has become my favorite dairy-free ice cream.

There was a little bit of apple crisp leftover, so Dennis and I brought it home and had it for breakfast this morning. Since it's made with fruit, nuts, oatmeal and maple syrup, it's a healthy breakfast treat!

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